5 things to do in Faro

The main gate to this region and capital city of the Algarve is one of the most major cities in the country, it attracts thousands of visitors, both businessmen and tourists, so for future visits, it’s surely to your interest uncovering these 5 things to do in Faro.

discover Faro
5 things not to be missed in Faro
Exploring Faro
the cobbed streets of the white washed old town filled with restaurants and museums
Things not to be missed in Faro
What to in Faro
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the sunny and warm streets of Faro are perfert to walk and explore the city center
5 things to do in faro
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Summer may be on the way, but the warm weather is already with us well into the months of April, so even now would be an excellent time to visit the Algarve. Maybe the weather may not be suitable for sunbathing, but a walk along the beaches, appreciate the wide open landscape and the ancient history so specific to Faro, surrounded by the Ria Formosa Natural park there’s a lot to explore and discover.
More than a littoral town. Its economic, business and university importance makes it alluring to an extensive diversity of visitors, with rich and eclectic  architecture, extending from Roman ruins to Baroque palaces and postmodern complexes makes it appropriate from the cultural point of view as well.

Faro city Center

If you are interested in museums, you may like to look into the Faro Archaeological Museum, where you can learn everything about the history of the region or even attend one of the events (concerts, vernissages, exhibits) that frequently take place there.

 Another fascinating Faro attraction is the Centro Ciencia Viva do Algarve, a museum dedicated to the latest science breakthroughs.

A free walking tour in Faro, a daily activity that takes place in downtown Faro with local guides, that will show you and teach about the local history and peculiarity and rich culture as well the old city legends. It takes about 2 hours and you will be a Faro Expert at the end of tour.

a walk by the streets of Faro will show you a rich and vibrant city

Milreu Roman Villa and Temple and Estoi Palace

A 10 kilometre drive inland from Faro town centre, the village of Estoi hides some of the Algarve’s best preserved Roman ruins.  The Milreu site, just off the N2 highway, excavated in 1877.  Part of the Roman ruins are thought to date back to 1st or 2nd century A.D. with a large villa and temple being added later, presumably in the third century.

The aquatic themed mosaics suggest that the temple may have been dedicated to a sea god. Later the temple was adapted to a church, and during the Moorish period it was used as a mosque and burial site. In later centuries the temple ruins were converted to farm buildings and what is left of the farmhouse can still be seen today. A number of sculptures from these sites are on display in Faro’s Museu Municipal.

The unmissable feature is the bath house, adorned by some excellent mosaics of large fish and squid and contains the ruins of a frigidarium (cold water plunge pool) and an apodyterium (changing rooms) as well as an underfloor heating system.  There is a small museum on-site to guide you for most out of your visit.

To end a fairytale day, visit the Estoi Palace (look for the Pousadas de Portugal), an Versailles inspired wonder built in the 19th century, is a magnificent tourist attraction and a great spa on top of everything. Taking a walk along the gardens filled with exotic flowers and old statues, will make a distinctive experience. The interior has been changing over time, so it will be fascinating to visit the Turkish baths, swimming pools and tea pavilions where tradition clashes with modernity.

Note that most people visit Faro for a day when arriving to Faro or when returning back home, so these activities should be more than enough to get to know this beautiful city and still have time to relax in one of many bars/restaurants that offer magnificent views of the city and surroundings.

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