Faro, more than an airport.

Faro, far more than just an airport

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Faro down town by nightfall


We have all heard of faro in Portugal, it is where you get your flight to and from the Algarve for a your holidays and business. But have you ever taken the time to actually look at Faro as a destination in itself?

No,Neither had we until we went for the day. And believe me we were really surprised, it is such a beautiful small city, with so much to offer, there is architecture, History, cafes, shopping and so many sights to see and visit, certainly not a beach resort, even though it is coastal. But if a beach is important then there are many within easy reach. It is very easy to find your way around.


. waht to do in faro Faro old town view of Ria Formosa


As we headed towards the cafes we passed Igreja de Carmo, Faro, this is a small 18th-century Catholic church with a baroque façade, unfortunately we did not enter but have since found out that it is definitely worth a visit and has some fantastic art pieces and a small chapel built out of the bones & skulls of monks


what to do in Faro

Igreja de Carmo, Faro.


Once you walk towards the town centre you will see a large variety of street cafes and shops to sit and enjoy watching the word go by


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We headed in to the old town which is enclosed by the old city walls. While you are wandering around you can easily forget that you are in one of biggest cities in the Algarve, the whole area has a relaxed feel and even though we visited in September, there were not the crowds expected in a city

Algarve Rock Beer

Visit the Algarve rock brew

Next time you use the airport at faro, consider taking a day to visit this beautiful city